Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Went to the Amazing Aging Expo and saw Bentley Baths There

Yes, I went to the Amazing Aging Expo and saw Bentley Baths at the show. It is always quite amazing to go around the corner in an exhibition hall and see a walk-in bathtub sitting right there on the showroom - impressive! George Bentley was also a speaker at the event with a talk entitled, “Thrive now: How to Die Young ... at an Old Age.” George is an excellent speaker and if you have a chance to hear him speak - do so. Visit the Bentley Bath website to learn more about the company and George's background - www.bentleybaths.com

Also wanted to share a photo of the Bentley Bath exhibit -this shows a rubber duck in a cutaway tub. And you may ask why is the duck blurry? 

Well, it was bouncing around from the water jets in the cutaway display. This caught my eye! Who doesn't love yellow rubber ducks of all sizes! Which takes me to artist Florentijn Hofman - check out photographs of when his rubber duck artwork visited Pittsburgh, PA recently - Click Here

In the artist's words the Rubber Duck does not discriminate, does not represent any political party, it is friendly and it can relieve tensions world wide. I don't know about you but I am smiling right now. Here is a link to the artist's website - http://florentijnhofman.nl/dev/. And kudos to Bentley Baths for their Rubber Duck display. I think we need more Rubber Ducks in the world and right at home.

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