Thursday, October 10, 2013

Talking about Gluten-Free Meal Plans at Senior Housing Locations in Denver, Colorado

We made a previous post about how great the King Soopers Health & Wellness Event hosted in Denver was and we shared great information about gluten-free eating. In that post we touched on Gluten-Free diets for seniors living in retirement communities. 

We reached out to Gary Rasmussen of Assisted Transition of Denver and he mentioned these properties that he knows of that offer gluten-free meal plans in the Denver area - this may not be a complete list however it is a good start:
Brookdale Meridian Englewood
Brookdale Heritage Club Denver
Parker Assisted Living by Morningstar
New Dawn Memory Care
Autumn Heights Health Care Center of Denver

Keep in mind that some of these properties offer respite care, so if you are taking care of a senior at home and need respite care, and that senior needs to eat gluten-free then contact these properties.

We want to give a special thank you to Assisted Transition - we happen to know Gary Rasmussen quite well, however there are four Assisted Transition housing placement specialists in Colorado as of October 2013:

Gary Rasmussen serving Metro Denver - Click Here
Beth Miller serving South Denver - Click Here
Patrick Parise serving North Denver - Click Here
Laura Cooley serving Colorado Springs - Click Here

And here is the main Assisted Transition Senior Living & Care Finders website - Click Here


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