Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sad to Hear - Contra Costa County Meals on Wheels Facing Cuts - Is the right service being cut?

Interesting article about Meals on Wheels program facing cuts in Contra Costa County, California due to cuts to the government program that supported it. As you read the article one learns that the meal program had support from the local Area Agency on Aging which is now actually known as the Administration for Community Living - Click Here. Where did this new name come from? And bigger question is what is the government spending money on? Any business person knows what it costs to do a name change and build a website. Is the government spending money on building bigger and better organizations and websites to 'serve seniors' in this economy and during the sequester? When one digs deeper it does appear that the Administration on Aging has a NEW organization. It is called Administration for Community Living (ACL). And this group now has its own website - Here is one document that reviews their budget - Click Here. It looks like their budget is $2.14 billion as per the link. Link to their budget overview - Click Here.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something else to think about ... Your Digital Afterlife

Each of our lives' are extremely full but here is something else to think about - what happens to your email and social networking accounts when you are gone? Facebook offers "memorializing services" where a Facebook account can be kept after someone has died. Facebook does not allow advertising on these type of accounts. Google has now developed a new service where the owner of the gmail account and related Google social networking accounts can set up what happens to their accounts before they are gone. They call it "Inactive Account Manager" and it allows the Google account owner the option to make their account inactive at a certain point in time and/or select another person to manage the accounts when they are dead. The Guardian newspaper out of the UK has an article about this new services from Google - Read More.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Seniors Eating Well

I want to point out an article from Chef Thomas Burke, owner of You’re Home. You're Home is an in-home dining services company that prepares fresh and wholesome meals to seniors in their homes. His article is about kidney disease and a renal diet which is a very important topic. However one of his comments in his article is,"... Even if you are not hungry, it is important to eat and keep good nutrition." I have found this to be an accurate observation of some of the seniors in my life that contributes to them gradually descending into poor eating habits. Read Chef Thomas Burke's article - Click Here.