Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Helper Robots as Senior Companions?

Ran across an article in from the New York Times on helper robots as an alternate resource for seniors who need companionship and assistance (not sure how robots will work for all of the different aids for daily living that a senior might need), however a portion of the article addressed the shortage of people who want to be companions due to low pay. The article mentioned that typical companions make an average of $20,820 annually and that also makes one wonder how these low income wage earners afford insurance, rent, food - Read More

Discharge Planning - Consumers of all ages should understand what this is before need arises

When I hear the phrase 'discharge planning' I think of professional discharge planners. That is fine but I think it is time for consumers of all ages to understand what 'discharge planning' is all about. Understanding 'discharge planning' is part of getting well after an illness. I did some exploring online and found a section on the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services website that has resources for professionals involved in discharge planning. Follow the link and learn more at Medicare Learning Network® (MLN). Also of interest is a pdf Discharge Planning Booklet - interesting details.