Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sharing another event - King Soopers Health & Wellness Event in Denver on 10-5-13

I am sharing another event. This one is in Denver and is the King Soopers Health & Wellness Event happening on Saturday, October 5, 2013. I actually learned about the event at the Amazing Aging Denver Show last Saturday. I stopped at the King Soopers booth at that show and talked to their nutrition consultants about their upcoming fair. The event sounds interesting because I have to say that I have noticed the new line of organics at King Soopers called "simple truth organic" - I have been purchasing some of these products and find them priced lower than some of the other organics I have been purchasing. Also King Soopers now has a health and wellness resource website - I checked it out and it has some interesting resources.

So a thank you to the very nice King Soopers representatives that answered my questions and gave me new resources to check out. One of the representatives was a Registered Dietitian and King Soopers is now offering some free nutrition related services - interesting! 

By the way the King Soopers Health & Wellness Event has two big keynote speakers. Visit the event website to learn more about that. Also tickets are needed and they are expecting quite a crowd so if you want to see the speakers and have a seat they are alerting people to arrive early.

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