Friday, October 18, 2013

Want to see the inside of a particular Senior Housing Location?

Want to see the inside of a particular senior housing location? Look them up in the Google search engine and look for their Google Street Tour on the community's Google+ page. 

The bad news ... Not many senior housing locations have added this feature yet, however we have helped a few communities in Colorado add this to their Google+ page (and we want to help more properties add this feature). We think Google Street Tours are great for seniors and their families. We are impressed with this technology for consumers being able to take a tour of a senior housing location from their own home. And you don't need special software to view a Google Street Tour.

RiverPointe Senior Community
of Littleton, Colorado
Take a Tour of RiverPointe Senior Community of Littleton, Colorado - link to Google Street Tour - Click Here

We will be featuring more Google Street Tour for senior housing as they become available and we will feature the tours in our eNewsletters - Click Here.

Are you a senior community and need to add your Google Street Tour and do you need assistance setting up your Google+ page and promoting the page? Contact Seniors Resource Guide for assistance - Send us an email through our Contact Us page.



  1. I agree your thoughts here about our senior community living which they need it during their retirement period. So thanks for this info you share.

  2. Looks like a great senior housing location. I'm a senior caregiver providing assisted living in Wolfeboro NH in the comfort of seniors' homes. I suppose that if you cannot stay in the safety and comfort of your own home a place like this would be perfect!