Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We found the King Soopers Health Matters People at the Health & Wellness Event

Just want to share that we met some of the Dieticians from the new King Soopers Health Matters group. They had a booth at the King Soopers Health & Wellness Expo on October 5th. This group has their own website with information on the new King Soopers health and wellness services such as Gluten-Free Foods, the NuVal® nutrition scores, Optimum Wellness and other services found at King Soopers - and the Dieticians offer classes and personalized at certain stores. Here is the group's website:

Here is a photograph from the show of the Health Matters Exhibit and two of the staff members:
I recognize Dietician Jeannie, RD from the website and from meeting her at the expo (she is shown on the right). Here is a link to her October calendar of events including Walk & Talks, Consultations and Classes and to the other Dieticians in the Denver area:
View list of Dieticians - Click Here

View Jeannie's Calendar - Click Here
This is an interesting health and wellness resource - I wonder if people will use these resources?

I was particularly impressed with the gluten-free resources on the website. Here is link to their Gluten-Free Resource web page - Click Here. Some of the topics include gluten-free recipes, gluten-free store tours, symptoms of Celiac Disease, lists of gluten-free foods and more.

Why is this important? 
Did you know that if you have a senior in your life looking to move into a senior housing and they need to eat gluten-free, you can look for senior housing locations that offer a gluten-free menu choice. Not every community will offer this option so you need to do some research. We will get back to you in another post on which of the senior housing do offer gluten-free meal plans in the Denver area.
If you know of some please comment and share. We would love to know about ones that are out of state and offer gluten-free meal plans for residents and respite care programs.

By the way there is a great photograph of the Registered Dieticians working with King Soopers Health & Wellness program posted on their website - Click Here. I like Jeannie tossing the orange!

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