Monday, October 7, 2013

I went to the King Soopers City Market Health & Wellness Expo held in Denver on 10-5-13 - Wow!

I went to the King Soopers City Market Health & Wellness Expo held on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Denver Convention Center - and wow! This event focused on natural and organic products and gluten free products that King Soopers City Market are offering or will soon be offering. The expo was impressive for the variety. 

I walked the aisles sampling products and was given many great coupons and product samples. I watched the time so I could take advantage of the many presentations. Two of biggest presenters were Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Travis Stork, along with Melissa d'Arabian, Sportacus & Stephanie, Dr. David Katz and Dr. James Rouse. Along with these presenters there were smaller presentations and cooking demonstrations on the other stages. Below are some photos and comments.

When you first entered the expo you were greeted by what looked like a fresh fruit and vegetable market with some of the most beautiful fruit I have ever seen. As you walked in your were handed an apple and in a few more feet, a generous cup of large, sweet red grapes - they were delicious. And check out the large pumpkin - this was an impressive display!


Then you started walking down the aisles and having conversations about different products with the exhibitors, tasting their samples and often being given coupons and sample products. Toward the center of the organic section was the Simple Truth booth which showed the huge variety of organics that King Soopers City Market is committed to.

If you want to see a partial list of the companies that exhibited, here is a link to the event website. I hope they keep this website up for awhile and note that this is not everyone that was there. We will make some more posts about the exhibitors but for now check out the event website -
Here is a direct link to some of the exhibitors - Click Here
(The logos on this page link to that companies website)

And what does this have to do with seniors? 
Eating healthy food and making good food choices is important to all ages - seniors included. And sharing a meal with friends and family is an important connection in all of our lives.

And to King Soopers City Market - thank you for a great event! I learned about a lot of products that I never knew about or considered before this event.

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