Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The June-July 2015 Prepared Senior eNewsletter is Posted Online

The June - July 2015 Prepared Senior eNewsletter is Posted Online. Here is a link to the archived version - Click Here

Seniors Resource Guide sends this eNewsletter out and archives it on SeniorsResourceGuide.com. You can find an archived link to the eNewsletter on the home page and on the individual News & Event web pages. If you are looking for events in the local markets and national events - use this convenient Networking link to go between the different Senior News & Event pages - Click Here

As a reminder our eNewsletters have snippets of news, event and senior resource information. Something new are the local Front Range News & Senior Resource highlights. This month we have one for Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder-Northern Colorado. Links to these "Local Front Range News & Senior Resources," are included in the second section of the eNewsletter.

Hope you find our Prepared Senior eNewsletter helpful!

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