Monday, April 13, 2015

The April & May 2015 Colorado Front Range eNewsletter is Posted Online

The April-May 2015 Colorado Front Range eNewsletter is Posted Online. Seniors Resource Guide sends this eNewsletter out and then archives it on You can find an archived link to the eNewsletter on the home page and on the individual Colorado Front Range News & Event web pages.

As a reminder our eNewsletters have snippets of news, event and senior resource information. Something new are the local Front Range News & Senior Resource highlights. This month we have one for Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder-Northern Colorado. Links to these "Local Front Range News & Senior Resources," are included in the second section of the eNewsletter.

Also check out our Google Calendars - there are a great selection of events in April and May.

This eNewsletter is emailed to our subscribers and is then archived on the website - here is a link to the archived copy - Click Here. If you want to receive this eNewsletter there is a sign up form on the website and eNewsletter.

Here are links to the Colorado Front Range News & Event pages where you will find the Google Calendars:
Colorado Springs - Click Here
Boulder-Northern Colorado - Click Here
Pueblo - Click Here
Denver - Click Here

Hope you find our Colorado Front Range eNewsletter helpful!

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