Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Save the Date! Healthy Living Expo is coming to Castle Rock, Colorado February 2014

We know this is early but there is nothing wrong with planning ahead whether you want to attend or exhibit ... and this is where the Internet is so great for these type of connections. Not sure where we found this however The Healthy Living Expo is coming to Castle Rock, Colorado in February 2014. 

The website says that this will be Colorado’s largest expo focused on enjoying Colorado! The expo is promoted as featuring living, working and playing in Colorado. We noticed quite a few senior service providers already listed as sponsors - seniors need to enjoy life too. Visit their website and save the date:

We noticed that one of the corporate sponsors is Bonaventure of Castle Rock - check out their website and if you are in the Denver area and have not been to Castle Rock recently - check them out. They are growing and Bonaventure is a very nice addition to the area:
Bonaventure of Castle Rock- Click Here

By the way the exact date of The Health Living Expo is February 8, 2014 which is a Saturday. The times are currently listed as 8:00AM - 3:00PM.

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