Friday, November 16, 2012

Palliative Care for Pets

I want to highlight an article posted on that is from Dr. Jessica Pierce. She has written a book called “The Last Walk: Reflections on Pets at the End of Their Lives.” The book is about the challenges we face as our companion animals grow old.

This is a great article in light of November being National Hospice and Palliative Care month. Please read Jessica's article - Palliative Care for Pets. There is a link to an excerpt from her book in the article and here is her website -

For those of you who are animal lovers and have a pet who is a long time family member or even one that is a new family member, read this book so you are prepared to offer your animal the best care possible when the time comes. I can share that this spring our family gave our Bouvier caring skilled nursing and then palliative care in the last few weeks of her life. As with a human palliative care, it was a gift of love from us to her. When the time came that we had to euthanize her, we were all there with her, loving her to the end - my husband, two college children and myself. We miss you Evie, but we know you are in a better place now and not in pain.

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