Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Colorado Senior Day at The Capitol is over but not gone!

The Colorado Senior Lobby organization videotaped the event and posted it on their YouTube Channel. Watch the event videos to learn more about what this great event and the Colorado Senior Lobby organization is all about. 

They even have video of special guest Mark Koebrich of Channel 9News who spoke in the morning session on April 2nd. Colorado Representatives and Senators dropped into the event to speak, along with others including U.S. Army Major (Retired) Henry "Duke" Boswell and Kelli Fritts from AARP Colorado. Kelli Fritz makes a passionate presentation in regard to Bill Amendments that AARP and Colorado Senior Lobby wanted for the recent Telecommunication Bills (HB14-1328, HB14-1329, HB14-1330 and HB14-1331). These Bills recently passed virtually unopposed and with no Amendments.

Visit the Colorado Senior Lobby YouTube Channel – Click Here   
Visit AARP Bill Tracker and look for the above Bills – Click Here
Click around the AARP Bill Tracker and you will find that the 4 Colorado Telecommunication Bills had anywhere from 44 to 60 industry lobbyists.
Learn more about Colorado Senior Lobby

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