Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We want to introduce you to Liz Knows Medicare

We want to introduce you to Liz Tredennick, a Medicare Specialist focusing on the Greater Denver Area and Colorado Front Range. Liz’s goal is to help make Medicare simple for beneficiaries to understand, so they can make the most of their Medicare coverage. On Tuesday she presented to a group that we attended. 

Her presentation was lively and kept our attention. One of the comments we took from her presentation was that the answer to every Medicare question is often, “it depends.” 

Liz shared that the best coverage for one person is very likely different for the next person and this can be true for couples. Liz is an independent, fee-based Medicare counselor, much like a financial planner who charges a fee to help develop a financial plan, but does not sell any products. With this approach, she is not a licensed insurance agent and cannot sell any Medicare products. Check out her website and if you have a chance to hear her speak - take that opportunity.

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