Thursday, December 19, 2013

Highlighting an Article on Long Term Care Insurance

This is an interesting article about long term care insurance. Raymond Smith has written this article as a letter to Bill Gates highlighting the sound financial practice of purchasing long term care insurance. Here is a link to the article - Click Here

If you are interested in learning more about long term care insurance be sure to visit Raymond Smith's website. Ray has great resources posted online that will help you understand the product. Visit his website:

Ray has also contributed other articles to Here is another article about 'short term care insurance' - Click Here

And here is a link to our article archive - Click Here

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  1. The Elephant in the room is that, with one minor exception, the LTC policies do not have a fixed premium so any long term cost/benefit analysis is suspect. By the way, many carriers have already raised rates on "old" blocks of business
    - Tom from